Fan at US Open Captures Stadium Fight on Video

Written by Pats Papers | Friday, 3 September 2010 10:26 AM

UPDATE: (Sept 4th) The three people involved are speaking out and have been banned from the US Open for two years

I innocently went to Arthur Ashe stadium last night to see some tennis at the US Open. But the main attraction turned out to be a fight in the Upper Deck. I was too far away to really see what was going on. But the New York Post got a couple of great pictures. And then I found this video.

The Post’s version says a woman got upset with a man for his foul language, causing her to slap him. The video, however, clearly shows that an older gentleman accompanying the woman started the brawl by tackling the young heckler. That’s when the woman stepped in and started slapping. One thing the Post’s coverage got right? “You sure as #%&* don?t see this at Wimbledon!”



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